(WV) If SB9 Passes, it will be illegal to take this picture…


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URGENT: The WV Senate has proposed a bill that makes it ILLEGAL to use a UAV (drone) to take aerial photos and videos of coal mines and gas infrastructure.

HELP STOP THIS CENSORSHIP. Senate Bill 9 is up for a vote as soon as TOMORROW (Wednesday). Please call and/or email the WV Senate NOW and tell them to “Amend the “Drone Bill”, Protect our Right to Know!

***copy and paste the senate email addresses at the end of this post***

Here’s an example comment you can use as is, or adapt:


I’m writing today in regards to Senate Bill 9.

§29-2B-5(a) would prohibit UAV operators from photographing or recording any so-called “designated industrial facility”
The prohibition on the taking of aerial photographs and/or videos of “designated industrial facilities” such as coal mines, is extremely restrictive to UAV pilots, has no bearing on the personal privacy rights this bill is meant to address, and is unnecessarily restrictive of personal constitutional liberties.

The ability of the public to use available and appropriate technology to photograph and gather information about the industrial facilities near our homes and communities in order to better protect our personal property and public lands, and ensure the safety of our families and property is critically important.

I urge you to REJECT SB9 unless the proposed bill is AMENDED to remove the unnecessary and burdensome prohibition on “conduct[ing] surveillance of, gather[ing] evidence and information about, or photographically or electronically record[ing]” a designated industrial facility.”


Senate email addresses (copy and paste into your email)

mike.azinger@wvsenate.gov, bob.beach@wvsenate.gov, craig.blair@wvsenate.gov, donna.boley@wvsenate.gov, greg.boso@wvsenate.gov, Mitch.Carmichael@wvsenate.gov, charles.clements@wvsenate.gov, sue.cline@wvsenate.gov, douglas.facemire@wvsenate.gov, ryan.ferns@wvsenate.gov, ed.gaunch@wvsenate.gov, mike.hall@wvsenate.gov, glenn.jeffries@wvsenate.gov, robert.karnes@wvsenate.gov, kenny.mann@wvsenate.gov, mike.maroney@wvsenate.gov, Mark.Maynard@wvsenate.gov, ronald.miller@wvsenate.gov, jeff.mullins@wvsenate.gov, richard.ojeda@wvsenate.gov, corey.palumbo@wvsenate.gov, robert.plymale@wvsenate.gov, roman.prezioso@wvsenate.gov, mike.romano@wvsenate.gov, patricia.rucker@wvsenate.gov, randy.smith@wvsenate.gov, ron.stollings@wvsenate.gov, chandler.swope@wvsenate.gov, dave.sypolt@wvsenate.gov, tom.takubo@wvsenate.gov, charles.trump@wvsenate.gov, john.unger@wvsenate.gov, ryan.weld@wvsenate.gov, mike.woelfel@wvsenate.gov

If you prefer calling, Senate phone numbers are listed here: http://www.wvlegislature.gov/Senate1/roster.cfm

You can read the full bill here: http://www.wvlegislature.gov/Bill_Status/bills_text.cfm…

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